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  • Steven Marshall

Non-belly button Birthday

Today is my 17th non-belly button Birthday. What does that mean, you ask? It means that 17 years ago, I began a new chapter in my life. The title and focus of this chapter... SOBRIETY! I had become dependent on alcohol, and my life had become unmanageable.

Fortunately, I have a wonderful spouse who helped me realize the extent of my problem. It came to light one day when she was home from work. I worked nights and would imbibe when I got home before I went to sleep. She was painting and asked for my help. I wound up falling, and she realized I was pretty intoxicated. Having grown up with an alcoholic, she knew that this was not the path she wanted to take.

We had been together a little over seven years, married for just over 4. She wrote me a letter telling me how she felt and how my drinking impacted her life. She shared she could not go through what she had growing up again. I took a long hard look at myself and my drinking and decided it was time for a change. I sought assistance through employer counseling and, ultimately, an inpatient rehabilitation center. After 26 days of inpatient, I returned home. It was tough initially, and I found support through AA, my wife, and a sober biker group.

I continue to take it One Day At A Time, knowing I cannot drink, no matter what. Some days are harder than others; however, I would not change my sober life for anything.

If you are having problems with drugs or alcohol, you are not alone. Please reach out for help, and it just may save your life!

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